Why Choose To Kayak With BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals While Vacationing In Gulf Shores, Alabama?

Kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals is like "Traveling Back In Time" where the focus is on enjoying personal freedom, experiencing a quiet solitude and (hopefully) finding your "Inner Huck Finn."

Rope Swings Remind Of A Simpler Time
PHOTOS LIKE THIS FOR SALE BY MCSPIXS --- Ropes Swings like this remind you of a simpler, more innocent time.

Three Reasons You Can Feel Good About Choosing To Kayak With BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals (and three reasons why BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals is UN-apologetically "Old-Fashioned"):

1. You Can Enjoy "Personal Freedom."

When you paddle Summers with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals, you choose to paddle on a "self-guided" tour by yourself, with your choice of family and/or friends, for as long as you choose --- at the same rate whether you choose to paddle for one hour or for eight hours.

YOU are the "Captain" of your adventure. Do you want to picnic? Picnic. Would you enjoy a swim? Swim. You can explore any nook and cranny of the river you choose --- for as long as you choose.

What Former Kayakers Are Saying: " ... I live in the area but don't have a boat so this was informative as well as fun and relaxing. The water view is so interesting and the pace is all up to you. Betty and Rick are very responsive and most helpful so it is a wonderful experience. A perfect break or option from the beach." --- writes Mary30531, a reviewer on TripAdvisor.com 

Sometimes You Just Want To Lay Back And Enjoy Floating On The Water
PHOTO BY BEACHNRIVER KAYAK RENTALS (Foley) --- Kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals offers the freedom to lay back and float if you choose to. YOU are the captain of your kayak adventure.

 2. You (still) Can Find Solitude On The River.

In these harried times it can be challenging to find a place where you feel you are all alone --- yet close to civilization. "Serene," "Tranquil," "Peaceful" are all words used to describe the kayaking adventure with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals.

What Former Kayakers Are Saying: "Having spent the 4th in Gulf Shores and on the beach constantly surrounded by hundreds of people, to escape into the serene waters of the Bon Secour River, provided a much needed escape. During our 4 hour trek morning of July 6th, I was surprised to only see 5 other people on the River that morning. The people on the shore were very friendly and excited to speak with us.

You can find many of the hidden gems of Alabama during your adventure. You can find yourself among many of the large shrimping boats positioned there. If you are lucky, and we were, you can find a dolphin swimming next to you during the trip.

If you are ready to relax and enjoy a nice adventure, this is your place. I would go again and recommend to my friends over and over again
." --- writes Ryan G., a reviewer on TripAdvisor.com

You Can Still Find Solitude Kayaking With BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals
PHOTO BY BEACHNRIVER KAYAK RENTALS (Foley) --- This is the only kayak rental opportunity in the Foley, Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area to launch from privately-owned property into a deeply shaded, shallow, white-sandy bottomed "still" river, where you can find a place to be alone enjoying the quiet sounds of nature with your family and friends --- yet be so near civilization.  

3. You Can Find Your Inner "Huck Finn." 

If you have a sense of curiosity and can appreciate the "treasures" found along this unique and historic river, you are on your way to capturing your "inner Huck Finn."

You will admire scenes like the wooden bridge (pictured below) leading to an un-populated, (privately owned) island.

Maybe you will daydream of original settlers.

You may want to stop and photograph unique flora and fauna. You will become acutely aware of the scents and sounds that surround you.

You will notice the school of mullet as it swims beneath you. If you arrive prepared, you may want to throw a pole and try your hand at snagging a fish --- or paddle up to a shrimper and purchase freshly caught shrimp to cook up for dinner.

You will "become a kid again" as you enjoy your "Victory Pop" upon your return.

You may whistle as you walk.

 --- you may even walk barefooted.

What Former Kayakers Are Saying:  Please take a look at some reviews written on our webpage BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals "Reviews, Testimonials"

What is nice about this portion of the river is that large boats with engines cannot maneuver here --- so the scene is serene.
PHOTO BY BEACHNRIVER KAYAK RENTALS (Foley) --- If you take the time to "see" you will appreciate a scene like this as you paddle the river ... but you must first "find" it.

"Three Reasons Why BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Sticks To Operating The 'Old-Fashioned Way'":

1. I Am Old. I Believe in K.I.S.S. (keeping things "simple" works best for me --- which ultimately benefits YOU!).

I'm old as in gray-headed, senior-citizen old. Old as in I-Could Be-Retired-But-I-Want-To-Keep-Movin' kind of old.

I'm outdoors all day. Every day I'm working at renting kayaks. (I'm working at mowing lawns and completing "honey do's.") I'm "working" at enjoying my guests. I'm "working" at enjoying my day. 

Meaning? I'm never sitting at a desk on a computer, (I don't own a cell phone) and I am hardly ever "sittin" before the sun is settin'!

Thank Goodness for Voicemail

I've got it. It works! You phone/ leave a message. When my hard day of workin' is done, I retrieve your message and phone you back. I feel phoning is a more personal way to set up reservations.

When I return calls I give you my 100% undivided attention. And because I use a landline? I don't have to yell above the sounds of cars or boats as they whiz  by. 

You also won't hear in the background: bands booming, retail store intercoms barking, the Gulf breeze loudly crackling, or waves crashing in your earpiece ... or toilets flushing for that matter. Ahem ... need I say more? (Do you need to ask what we hear on our end of the phone? )

"Why do I feel using voicemail is a more personal way to do business?" you ask.

Because I get to hear your voice. I hear your excitement. I can pick up on any anxieties. Hopefully, in my voice you will hear someone who appreciates your consideration for my business. You will know I care about your well-being and will share in your enthusiasm for your upcoming event.

p.s. If you're still not convinced how "special" it is to phone and receive a return phone call from a business owner, ask yourself:
"How excited do I get when I press any "RESERVE NOW" "PAY NOW" button?"  

Convenience may save some time, but it doesn't offer up any excitement!

2. I Appreciate and Cling To Old-Fashioned Values (and I'll treat you as an honored guest.)

I grew up in the country.

I was taught gentlemen are addressed as "Sir," and ladies, "Ma'am." Seniors are revered and assisted in any way possible. Growing up, almost everyone had a hand in "raisin' kids" --- so I learned to have a heaping dose of patience.

"How does that country way of growing up manifest in how I'm going to be treated at your business?" you wonder.

As best as possible, I will give you individualized attention. I book reservations with enough time to greet, assist you in your kayak, help you feel comfortable paddling, give you direction/tips, before attending to another group. You won't catch me on a cell phone booking future reservations or posting "Selfies" on Social Media.

... and if you do everything as suggested --- like review
" F.A.Q's" our specific "Rules/Liability Waiver" and come prepared because you read, "Suggested Items to Bring" on our website, your registration time and time to get on the water is easy/breezy!

3. We Won't Allow Our Business to Compromise Our Health or Our Privacy, the Privacy and Safety Of Our Guests, or Compromise Our Neighbors' Quiet Enjoyment Of The River

 Meaning: We're not interested in gaining every guest to the 
Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL area
 --- just the "Right Guests."

The "Right Guests" will review BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals "Rules" prior to arrival --- and be respectful enough to follow them.

  • The "Right Guests" will follow instructions, and take personal responsibility for their own experience by being prepared after reading all Suggested Info posted on our Website. They will wait until checking weather forecasts to make a reservation and will honor their reservation time as closely as possible --- with the awareness that if they don't, it might affect the personal experience of other excited kayakers.

  • We ask "No Alcohol" --- because we don't want it on our property and don't want to deal with the issues that might go along with folks who might imbibe and get overheated and/or feel disoriented and get "lost."

  • We ask guests to "Refrain From Smoking" cigarettes, cigars and those new-fangled metal things on our property due to health reasons. Some of our guests may have asthma, allergies/sensitivities and/or have children. What you do on the open water is up to you. Just please, around us? Don't.
  • We ask you remember you are a guest at our home/business. Watch the language. It is not acceptable to "Cuss."

  • We also ask you "Respect Our Freedom And Privacy" and the "Freedom and Privacy of our Guests." Believe it or not, just 10 years ago (or so ...) it was not acceptable to publish a person's photograph without their written consent. We ask you refrain from photographing anyone other than your own family or group while on our property.

Lastly --- if you're the type of individual that must begin a kayak trip down the river belting "AAAEEEEAAAAAAA!!! as loudly as you can --- or you can't resist doing anything without "showing out" ("Hey guys, watch this!") --- you are not our type of guest. Feel free to choose another excursion or outfitter. We'll be okay with that.

Why not plan to make your vacation a "Beach" and "River" adventure
PHOTO BY BEACHNRIVER KAYAK RENTALS (Bon Secour River) --- It is important to enjoy Nature. There is just so much more to see and to experience "off the beach." 
Why not plan to make your vacation a "Beach" and "River" adventure?

BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals want to offer you a quiet, peaceful, easy-going experience where you are the "Captain" of your own kayak "Eco-Tour." You have the freedom to choose your own destination and duration. One where you can still find solitude enjoying a river ---  you don't have to share the experience with anyone other than of your choosing.

We hope to show you a great, old-fashioned way of doing business --- from the way we book our reservations, to the way we meet/greet, to the way we will try our best to make you feel like a long-lost relative before you leave.

We choose this way of doing business to encourage you to take a slow step back in time. Inhale a deep breath in of nature and be "present" with your family, friends, loved ones --- free of the hustle and bustle of today's demands --- and free of all those new-fangled ways to distract you from spending time with one another!  


"River Rick"

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